Bespoke Caterers

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A more substantial plated and bowled buffet that your clients or colleagues can help
themselves too. This buffet requires a knife and fork 

Choose 2 dishes from the options below:

Sliced Honey And Mustard Glazed Ham

Sliced, Medium Cooked, 28 day Matured Roast Beef

Coronation Chicken Breast

*Individual Roast Salmon Portions Topped with Sweet Chilli Jam
 and Creme Fraiche    (*£1 surcharge)


Choose 1 dish from the options below:

Salmon and Leek Tartlets

Roasted Vegetable and Herb Quiche Wedges

Red Onion and Goats Cheese Quiche Wedges

 Pork Pie Halves & Piccalilli

Prawn Cocktail Tartlets


Choose 3 Salads from the options below:

Mixed Wild Leaf Chefs Salad

Green Bean and Shallot

Pickled Cucumber and Poppy Seed 

Balsamic Beetroot and Feta

Creamy Potato and Chive

Fruit and Nut Rice


Roasted Vegetable Cous Cous


Chunky Poppy Seed and Cobber Bloomer

Bread and Butter

Dressing and Accompaniments

Price of £14.95 per head