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Bespokes 10 Year Anniversary Dinner

5th April 2013

Saturday 23rd March 2013 was the 10 course dinner to celebrate Bespokes 10th year in business. There was 70 guests who attended the evening and they all enjoyed a variety of dishes which put the chefs imagination to work.
Dishes included; The Allotment - which was a variety of vegetables 'planted' in edible soil with a few creatures along the way, including mealworms and other bugs, a blind course, where guests were blindfolded to try and guess what they were eating - their course was a Bespoke homemade horse burger, not to mention some birthday cake too, cooked and served in miniature jars.

We will be uploading some of the photos which were taken on the evening both by the chefs and also diners so take a look at our Media Gallery to see these.