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Bespoke Caterers Appear in Latest Episode of Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast

10th February 2014

James and Glyn, our directors, felt privileged to appear alongside some famous faces in the latest episode of Jimmy and Jamie’s Friday Night Feast, which was aired last Friday 7th February at 8pm on Channel Four.

In the show, top chef Jamie Oliver and his best friend Jimmy Doherty were taking steps to revive the Colchester pudding, a 160-year-old dessert that was hugely popular during the Victorian era but fell out of favour during the 20th century. It’s a wonderfully textured combination of baked Alaska, summer pudding and trifle and can be presented in almost any way imaginable, which is why we personally believe it would make a versatile and exciting addition to any caterers’ portfolio.
The mayor of Colchester, Colin Sykes, personally contacted Jamie and Jimmy to ask for their help in bringing the Colchester pudding back onto the menus of local caterers in Essex, and as a result some of the region’s top chefs (including our very own James and Glyn) were invited to help produce hundreds of covers for a reception at Colchester Town Hall that was intended to bring the recipe back into the limelight.
The event was a huge success and the pudding’s concept went down a treat, much to the delight of everyone involved. A number of Essex caterers commented on the tastiness of the Colchester pudding and felt that it could easily be incorporated into their corporate, buffet and wedding menus, so here’s hoping we see a resurgence with the Colchester pudding and the programme has helped to convince restaurants, cafes, hotels and all kinds of catering venues that there is a place for it on our tables after all.
During the programme we received a phenomenal amount of feedback from our Twitter followers and our Facebook posts also reached a record number of users, so we would like to thank all those who interacted with our team and of course Jamie and Jimmy to help raise awareness of the Colchester pudding and our plight to bring it back on the menu!
Not seen the episode? You can watch it again via 4OD right up until the first week of March, just click here.